Generosity is giving to others something that is of value to us. Generosity is a quality of spirit that calls us to share what we have. We also allow others to give to us. Every gift is doubly blessed, bringing joy to the giver and the receiver. Generosity helps us to give time and attention to the feelings, needs and views of those around us. It springs from a sense of abundance and gratitude for the limitless richness of life. We give cheerfully without expecting anything in return. We are receptive to blessings. Generosity encourages us to share the bounty.

In Family Life

The virtue of generosity in a family is exemplified through selfless acts of kindness, empathy, and a willingness to share without expecting anything in return. It’s the art of wholeheartedly giving material and emotional support, fostering an atmosphere of abundance and compassion within the family unit.

Demonstrated through helping one another in need, offering a listening ear without judgment, and openly sharing resources, a generous family cultivates an environment where every member feels valued and cared for, strengthening the bonds that tie them together.


The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.

— Mahatma Ghandi

 The Practice of Generosity

  • I willingly share with others.
  • I give fully and freely.
  • I listen to others with openness and receptivity.
  • I take time each day to be grateful.
  • I am a cheerful giver.
  • I willingly receive all the bounties life offers.