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Virtues & The Four C’s of Successful Families

Join a community of parents committed to bringing out the best in their children and themselves!


Virtue of the Month: Mercy

Joseph Michael

Coach | Class Creator | Author

Virtues & The Four C's of Successful Families Newsletter

Parenting is one of the hardest and most difficult responsibilities you will ever have in your life. Your growth as a parent & the development of your children is key to your family unity & happiness. Bring out the best in your children and yourself. 

Virtues & The Four C’s of Successful Families is about parenting in a unified and effective way, plus more.

Coaching for Parents

While books, online classes and the opinion of others are great, sometimes you really just need to look inside yourself to find the answers that are best for your family. That is what parent coaching is all about. Want to know how to implement Virtues & The  Four C’s of Successful Families ? I am here to coach you one on one.

Contact me to get a FREE 15 minute discovery session.

The Four C’s of Successful Families

Clarity - of our roles, expectations, values, mission and vision for ourselves and family

Communication - Clearly & respectfully naming our virtues and values

Consistency - Consistent choices made based on our virtues and values

Community - Surrounding ourselves with those that support living up to their best selves.

What Is Parent Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Parent coaching is a process that provides discovery and perspective of child raising to bring out the best in your children and yourself. As you thoughtfully define goals and purpose for your family, you will watch them grow physically and emotionally with great character.

Who benefits from parenting classes/coaching

 Parent coaching is beneficial for all parents and caring adults including  parents, grandparents, caretakers, nanny’s. Discover how the role you play will make a difference in the young life you love so much, especially when everyone in the ‘family’ is working from the same page.

Is Parent Coaching for me?
  • Are you struggling with discipline, consequences and the behavior of your child?
  • Do you find yourself feeling discouraged about not getting the results you hoped for?
  • Do you question if you are a “good enough” parent?
  • Do you question how to overcome different parenting styles (especially with your partner)
  • If you are living with separation or divorce, would you like to co-parent more effectively – for the benefit of your child?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then YES, parent coaching is for you.


What kind of issues can you help me with?
  1. Uniting parents on core parenting challenges
  2. Behavioural concerns with children
  3. Family changes or crisis (separation, divorce, etc..)
  4. Child development – what to expect and at what age
  5. Positive parenting practices
What if my family is not typical

Families today come in all forms including those who are single parents. Every family bring unique challenges, however our framework will benefit you and your child whether you are alone or sharing with a cooperative or not-so-cooperative partner. cry

What if we do not have children --- yet?

Whether you have children or not, Virtues & The Four C’s of Successful Families is especially awesome for those who are considering starting a family. You will discover the joy of parenting from a place of clarity, truly connected to your family core values, and confident that you can communicate and consistently do what is best for your family.

With this training I promise you will skip some of the challenges most parents & families face.

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