Appreciation is seeing the good in life. It is recognizing the gifts that come our way and showing gratitude for them. When we express appreciation to others, we mirror the virtues we see in them. We perceive their positive intentions and honor them with our gratitude. Love thrives on appreciation. Intimacy grows deeper when we know we are seen and valued. As we do the spiritual work life calls us to do, it is important to appreciate our own efforts to acknowledge our progress. We don’t dwell on the unpleasant things of life. We value the learning even in the painful times. Drinking deeply of the beauty and pleasures life offers, we don’t waste a single day.

In Family Life

Appreciation within a family flourishes as every member consistently and sincerely acknowledges the significance of one another’s presence and actions. This virtue is woven into the fabric of daily interactions through words and actions that convey gratitude and respect. It’s the warmth in a child’s “good morning” to their parents, the recognition of a partner’s hard work after a long day, and the shared joy in celebrating each family member’s accomplishments.

Appreciation fosters an environment where everyone feels seen and valued. Active listening and valuing differing perspectives demonstrate family members’ appreciation for each other. Family traditions, whether a weekly meal or an annual vacation, are opportunities to express gratitude for shared experiences. Ultimately, this virtue forms the foundation of strong familial bonds, cultivating an atmosphere of positivity and love that persists through life’s highs and lows.


For what has been, thanks! For what shall be _ yes!

— Dag Hammerskjold

 The Practice of Appreciation

  • I look for the good in life and in people.
  • I freely express gratitude and appreciation.
  • I honor my own progress.
  • I value the gifts in my tests.
  • I don’t allow myself to stay down and disappointed.
  • I enjoy all that life has to offer.
  • I feel grateful for the bounty of my life.