Wonder is being open to the beauty and mysteries of life. It is our soul’s appreciation for what is precious and inspiring. When we look at the grandeur of nature, fully present to the moment, it can move us deeply. When we live reflectively, we delight in the signs and wonders that appear in our lives. We are alert to synchronicities that point us toward a decision or give us deeper insight into the truth. Wonder makes our lives simply wonderful.

In Family Life

The virtue of wonder infuses family life with curiosity and appreciation, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences. Within the bonds of kinship, wonder encourages us to see the world anew through the eyes of our loved ones, fostering a deepened connection and shared joy.

It prompts us to marvel at the growth and uniqueness of each family member, nurturing an environment of mutual respect and continuous learning. By embracing wonder, we embark on a journey of discovery together, fostering an atmosphere of open-mindedness and gratitude that enriches our familial tapestry and ensures that the fabric of love and understanding remains vibrant and robust.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

— Albert Einstein

 The Practice of Wonder

  • I take time to contemplate beauty.
  • I am inspired by life’s mysteries.
  • I am present in the moment.
  • I am mindful of signs and wonders.
  • I appreciate life’s synchronicities.
  • I believe that my life is meaningful.

Balancing Wonder

In our fast-paced lives, the virtue of wonder offers a respite—a chance to pause, reflect, and appreciate the beauty and mysteries that surround us. Yet, like any profound emotion, wonder requires a delicate balance to be truly enriching. Here’s a glimpse into the essential virtues of moderation and wisdom that help maintain our optimal state of mind in our daily lives.

Moderation: This virtue is the steady hand that prevents wonder from becoming overwhelming. It’s the art of enjoying life’s marvels without getting lost in the whirlwind of constant seeking. Moderation allows us to savor the beauty of life sustainably, ensuring that our sense of wonder remains a constant companion, not a fleeting distraction.

Wisdom: Wisdom is the compass that guides us through the intricate landscape of wonder. It helps us discern when to immerse ourselves fully in moments of awe and when to redirect our attention to other essential aspects of life. It reminds us that wonder, while invaluable, must coexist harmoniously with responsibilities and obligations.

So, as you journey through life, embrace the synergy of wonder, moderation, and wisdom. Allow wonder to awaken your soul, moderation to keep it grounded, and wisdom to guide you to appreciate the right moments. In this delicate dance, you’ll find a life brimming with joy and inspiration, where every day is simply wonderful.