Thankfulness is gratitude for all the bounties of life. Expressing thanks connects us to others and brings them joy. Each day, we find a moment to count our blessings. Reflecting on the treasures in our lives lifts our spirits. Thankfulness soothes our sadness and restores our hope. It give us perspective. As we practice thankfulness, we attract more and more blessings, because thanksgiving is conducive to bounty. Thankfulness is a path to contentment.

In Family Life

The virtue of Thankfulness in a family is characterized by a genuine and consistent appreciation for one another and the blessings they share. It’s demonstrated through open expressions of gratitude and recognition for even the smallest acts of kindness or contributions made by family members.

In a thankful family, individuals actively acknowledge and value each other’s efforts, whether it’s a simple chore completed, a thoughtful gesture, or emotional support provided during challenging times. This virtue fosters an atmosphere of positivity and connection, reinforcing bonds by highlighting the good in each other and the shared experiences that enrich their lives.


What is to come is better for you than what has gone before. For your Lord will certainly give and you will be content…Keep recounting the favours of your Lord.

— Al-Qu’ran 93

 The Practice of Thankfulness

  • I have an attitude of gratitude.
  • I count my blessings every day.
  • I discern the gifts in my tests.
  • I am open to the joys of life.
  • I celebrate my life.
  • I expect the best.