Reverence is living with an awareness that we are always in the presence of the Creator and that all life is precious. When we practice reverence, we open ourselves to experience faith, love, and deep respect for the mysteries and wonders of life. We take time in solitude and silence each day to contemplate, to pray and reflect. We seek to discern the deeper meaning of our lives. The beauty of nature restores our souls. We are respectful stewards of the earth. We treasure all life.

In Family Life

The virtue of reverence within a family is a profound expression of respect, gratitude, and admiration. It is demonstrated through the deep appreciation for each family member’s unique qualities and contributions, fostering an environment of love and support. Reverence can be seen in how family members actively listen to one another, valuing their perspectives and feelings. It manifests in gestures of kindness and empathy during challenging times, reminding us to be patient and forgiving.

Reverence in a family encourages the celebration of traditions, the acknowledgment of shared history, and the creation of cherished memories. Ultimately, it is the foundation upon which enduring bonds are built, and it flourishes when we honor the inherent worth of each member, creating a harmonious and uplifting family dynamic.

Family members unite to practice reverence by setting aside time for contemplation, prayer, and reflection, fostering a spiritual connection that binds them. They seek to understand the profound meaning of their lives and encourage one another in their spiritual journeys.


Affirmation of life is the spiritual act by which a man ceases to live unreflectively and begins to devote himself to his life with reverence, in order to raise it to its true value.

— Albert Schweitzer

 The Practice of Reverence

  • I take time each day to nurture my inner life.
  • I open my soul to life’s wonders.
  • I live with an awareness of Divine presence.
  • I discern the meaning of my experiences.
  • I allow beauty to nurture my soul.
  • I respect the value of all life.