Resilience is the strength of spirit to recover from adversity. When we experience disappointment, loss, or tragedy, we find hope and courage to carry on. Humor lightens the load when it seems to heavy. We overcome obstacles by tapping into a deep well of faith and endurance. At times of loss, we come together for comfort. We grieve and then move on. We create new memories. We discern the learning that can come from hardship. We don’t cower in the face of challenge. We engage fully in the dance of life.


That which does not destroy, strengthens.

— Friedrich Nietzsche

 The Practice of Resilience

  • When trouble comes, I stay strong.
  • I have the flexibility to bounce back.
  • I have the faith to overcome.
  • I find comfort in community.
  • I trust hardship to cultivate my character.
  • I fully engage in living.
Definitions and practices of virtue are used with permission from the Virtues Project™.

In Family Life

Resilience within a family manifests itself as a collective strength to withstand adversity and navigate challenges with unwavering support and unity. Resilience is reflected in the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, learn from setbacks, and grow together. It is demonstrated through open and honest communication, where family members share their burdens and emotions, providing a safe space for one another to express vulnerability.

Resilience in the family is the determination to weather storms as a cohesive unit, find solutions, and foster hope even in adversity. In resilient families, love and solidarity are the bedrock upon which they build their unwavering ability to overcome life’s trials, emerging stronger and more connected than ever.

Balancing Resilience

Balancing Virtues to Cultivate Resilience:

      • Vulnerability: Embracing vulnerability allows individuals to acknowledge their emotions authentically, fostering genuine connections with others and cultivating inner strength through self-awareness.
      • Self-Compassion: Practicing self-compassion enables individuals to extend kindness and understanding to themselves in times of struggle, nurturing resilience by fostering a supportive inner dialogue.
      • Adaptability: Developing adaptability empowers individuals to respond flexibly to life’s challenges, recognizing that resilience is sheer endurance, adaptability, and growth.
      • Mindfulness: Cultivating mindfulness fosters present-moment awareness, helping individuals navigate adversity with clarity and equanimity and enhancing resilience by promoting emotional regulation and stress management.

In finding harmony among these virtues, we unlock the true essence of resilience—the ability to rise, adapt, and thrive amidst adversity.