Purposefulness is being aware that each of us is here for a reason. We value our lives by discovering the part we are uniquely meant to play. We discern our intention and focus on it mindfully. We visualize it happening. We set goals and achieve them step by step, resisting distractions. We give each task single minded concentration and excellence. We invest our full enthusiasm into even the simplest job. In the flow of our lives, there are many turns and unexpected events. Within it all, there are lessons to be learned and gifts to receive. Purposefulness is trusting the journey.

In Family Life

In the realm of family, purposefulness shines brightly through our unwavering commitment to our roles and responsibilities. We recognize that our presence within the family unit is not by chance but by design, and we embrace this awareness with a deep sense of purpose. With mindfulness, we discern the intentions that bind us and visualize the harmonious interactions and connections we strive to create.

Through setting goals and achieving them, we navigate the twists and turns of family life with resilience, resisting the distractions that may pull us away from our familial mission. Each task we undertake within the family receives our undivided attention and unwavering commitment, regardless of its simplicity. We enthusiastically value even the most routine activities, recognizing that profound lessons are learned within these moments, and precious gifts are exchanged.

We trust in the journey of family life, understanding that our purpose within it is a source of strength, unity, and enduring love.


Our calling is where our deepest gladness and the world’s hunger meet.

— Frederick Buechner

 The Practice of Purposefulness

  • I discern my true calling.
  • I create a clear vision for this time in my life.
  • I set goals for achieving my purpose.
  • I concentrate fully on what I am doing.
  • I enjoy giving excellence to each task.
  • I find the opportunity in every experience.

Balancing Purposefulness

Purposefulness encourages us to pursue our goals with intention, focus, and enthusiasm. Still, it needs balance.

      • Flexibility: Flexibility balances overdeveloped purposefulness by allowing individuals to adapt to changing circumstances and consider alternative paths when necessary.
      • Self-compassion: This compassion counteracts the rigidity of overdeveloped purposefulness by encouraging individuals to prioritize self-care and well-being alongside their goals.
      • Exploration: It helps individuals with underdeveloped purposefulness by encouraging them to explore different interests and opportunities, leading to a clearer sense of direction.
      • Patience: It assists individuals in maintaining focus and perseverance on their goals while recognizing that progress may come gradually and setbacks are a natural part of the journey.

Purposefulness is a vital virtue that gives us direction and meaning in life.  As we navigate the complexities of life’s journey, hold steadfast to our purpose while embracing the lessons and opportunities that unfold along the way.