Courage transforms fear into determination. It is embracing life fully, without holding back, doing what must be done even when it is difficult or risky. When we are tempted to give up, courage supports us to take the next step. It allows us to face adversity with confidence. Courage opens us to new possibilities, and gives us the strength to sacrifice for what we love. At times we need courage to accept the truth, and to pick ourselves up after a mistake, ready to make amends and try again. Courage gives me the strength to make this journey with all my heart.


Heart, be brave. If you cannot be brave, just go. Love’s glory is not a small thing.

— Jalal-u-din-Rumi

 The Practice of Virtue

  • I reach beyond my comfort zone.
  • I welcome new challenges.
  • I do what I know is right regardless of the costs.
  • I face the truth with humility and openness.
  • I don’t allow my fears to hold me back.
  • I fully accept life’s invitations.
Definitions and practices of virtue are used with permission from the Virtues Project™.

In Family Life

In family life, courage is a formidable pillar, essential for fostering resilience and growth. It is the unwavering bravery to confront challenges head-on, bridge communication gaps, and heal wounds with understanding and compassion.

Courage in the family context means being willing to take risks to protect and support loved ones, even in the face of uncertainty or adversity. It empowers individuals to express their true selves, to acknowledge mistakes, and to forgive and seek forgiveness.

This courage enables families to weather storms together, strengthen bonds, and create a safe and nurturing environment where each member can flourish and thrive, embracing vulnerability and growth as they journey through life as a united force.

Balancing Virtues:

Courage empowers us to navigate life’s trials and triumphs with grace and fortitude. Balancing courage with these virtues creates feelings of strength and freedom.

      • Wisdom: Wisdom balances overdeveloped courage by providing discernment and foresight, guiding actions with prudence, and thoughtful consideration of consequences.
      • Self-discipline: Self-discipline counteracts reckless impulsivity associated with overdeveloped courage, promoting moderation and self-control in decision-making.
      • Fortitude: Complements underdeveloped courage by instilling resilience and endurance, empowering individuals to persevere through adversity and face challenges with steadfast determination.
      • Justice: Justice supports balanced courage by ensuring actions are guided by fairness and moral integrity.

By cultivating a harmonious balance of virtues, we strengthen our character and contribute to a world where courage is tempered by wisdom and guided by integrity.