Fortitude is strength of character. It is the will to endure no matter what happens, with courage, confidence, and patience. Fortitude is deeply rooted in the bedrock of our will. We cultivate it by strengthening our resolve to face whatever comes. It springs from devotion to a purpose we believe to be real and important. It grows as we face and overcome insurmountable obstacles. It keeps us going. Our fortitude can astonish us.

In Family Life

The virtue of Fortitude within a family is exemplified by the unwavering courage and resilience members display during times of adversity and challenge. It is seen when family members confront difficult situations, such as illness, financial setbacks, or personal struggles, with a steadfast determination to overcome obstacles together.

Fortitude is demonstrated through maintaining a sense of calm and strength even in the face of uncertainty, fostering an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and unity. In a family where Fortitude is practiced, individuals can weather storms with grace, offer each other emotional and practical assistance, and adapt to changing circumstances while upholding their shared values and bonds.


Hold your precious heart steadfast in fortitude until the siege is passed and you will be duly nourished.

— Anonymous

 The Practice of Fortitude

  • I have the will to survive.
  • I have the patience to endure.
  • I am guided by a clear purpose.
  • I know what I care about.
  • Whatever life brings makes me stronger.
  • I have amazing endurance.