Diligence is doing what needs to be done with care, concentration and single-pointed attention. It springs from our desire for excellence. When we work with diligence, we give our absolute best. We are artisans, crafting whatever we create with love. We work meticulously in alignment with our purpose. Diligence is needed in tending our relationships. We choose them with discernment, then give them our full commitment, joy, love, and excellence to keep them strong and alive. Diligence is deeply satisfying to our souls.

In the Family

In a family, the virtue of Diligence manifests as a steadfast commitment to the well-being and harmony of the household. It is demonstrated through consistent and earnest efforts to fulfill responsibilities, whether they pertain to caregiving, household chores, or emotional support.

Diligence within a family means actively seeking to understand the needs of each family member and working persistently to meet those needs. It involves dedicating time and energy to maintain open communication, resolving conflicts, and nurturing meaningful connections.

A diligent family member takes initiative to contribute their fair share, actively participates in shared activities, and strives to create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. This virtue fosters an atmosphere of trust, reliability, and mutual respect, ultimately strengthening the bonds that hold the family together.


Genius is 10% inspiration, and 90% perspiration.

— Thomas Edison

 The Practice of Diligence

  • I give 100% to the work I do.
  • I strive for excellence.
  • I pay full attention to whatever I am doing.
  • I am conscientious and careful.
  • I work with love.
  • I give my best to my relationships.

Balancing Diligence

To maintain a balanced expression of diligence, it is essential to embrace the following virtues:

      • Patience: Patience allows us to temper our diligence with understanding, recognizing that not everything requires perfection and that some processes take time to unfold.
      • Flexibility: Flexibility helps us adapt to changing circumstances and not become rigid in our pursuit of excellence, enabling us to adjust our approach as needed.
      • Self-compassion: Practicing self-compassion reminds us that we are not infallible and that occasional mistakes are part of the human experience, reducing the risk of perfectionism.
      • Balance: Striking a balance between work, relationships, and personal well-being ensures that diligence is spread across various aspects of life, preventing burnout and isolation.

By embracing the balancing virtues, we can harness the power of diligence to enrich our lives without succumbing to its potential pitfalls. Doing so creates a harmonious and fulfilling existence where diligence is a guiding light rather than a heavy burden.