Decisiveness is firmness of mind in taking a stand or making a decision. It requires us to be both courageous and discerning. At times, a choice appears and we must make it instantly, without hesitation, prompted by a deep knowing that it is right and timely. Decisiveness can also call us to hold a decision with patience, prayer and deep contemplation. We seek a pure intent, which guides us to a conclusion we can trust. Then one day, we reach the bedrock of truth and know it is time to act. We move forward with resolve and confidence. Being decisive, we are content with our decisions and do not second guess ourselves. The timing of a good decision is just Divine.

In Family Life

In a family, decisiveness is demonstrated through thoughtful consideration and timely action. It involves the ability of family members to make choices and take responsibility for those choices while also being sensitive to the needs and opinions of others. Decisiveness means parents making important decisions regarding their children’s upbringing, education, and well-being with confidence and clarity while involving their children in age-appropriate decision-making processes to foster a sense of responsibility and autonomy.

It also means resolving conflicts and addressing issues promptly and constructively, ensuring the family unit can adapt to changing circumstances and challenges with resilience and unity. In essence, decisiveness in a family is the art of balancing individual and collective needs, making choices with purpose, and navigating the journey of life together with conviction and empathy.


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

— Hellen Keller

 The Practice of Decisiveness

  • I have the courage to decide.
  • I have the confidence in my choices.
  • I am not afraid to act in the moment.
  • I take the time I need to discern the wisest path.
  • I trust my deepest truth.
  • I carry my decision into action.

Balancing Decisiveness

Decisiveness enables us to act promptly when needed and deliberate wisely when circumstances call for it. Balance in decision-making allows us to navigate life’s choices with confidence.

      • Wisdom: Wisdom encourages thoughtful deliberation and prudence before making decisions. It helps counterbalance impulsiveness by urging individuals to weigh the pros and cons carefully.
      • Humility: Humility reminds us that we don’t have all the answers. It counteracts the arrogance that sometimes accompanies overdeveloped decisiveness by encouraging us to seek input and acknowledge our limitations.
      • Courage: Courage bolsters underdeveloped decisiveness by giving individuals the strength to overcome fear and uncertainty. It empowers them to step forward and make choices, even in doubt.
      • Trust: Trust encourages faith in one’s judgment and intuition. It helps individuals overcome the fear of making mistakes and fosters confidence in their decisions.

These virtues ensure that decisiveness remains a virtuous compass for our life’s journey.