Steadfastness is being steady, persevering and dependable. We remain true to our purpose through whatever happens. Steadfastness grows whenever we rise to a challenge. It bolsters our will to keep going when life tests our resolve. We choose a direction, then keep a steady pace. We are faithful and enduring with those we love. We commit ourselves to something for however long it may take. We are like a strong ship in a storm. We don’t allow ourselves to be battered or blown off course. We hold on and ride the waves.

In Family Life

In a family, the virtue of steadfastness is like a guiding light that illuminates our path through life’s journey. It is demonstrated through our unwavering dedication to each other, remaining resolute even when faced with trials. We stand by our loved ones, providing a reliable presence that fosters trust and unity.

Just as a ship remains steady in a storm, we weather challenges without losing sight of our shared purpose. Steadfastness is seen in our commitment to navigate life’s twists and turns together, persevering through difficulties and celebrating triumphs. It’s an enduring force that strengthens our bonds and reinforces our collective determination to stay true to our course, no matter what comes our way.


Keep on keepin’ on.

— American saying

 The Practice of Steadfastness

  • I choose my commitments wisely.
  • I remain true to my purpose.
  • I pace myself.
  • I am faithful to my relationships.
  • I don’t allow doubts or tests to blow me off course.
  • I take what comes and persevere.

Balancing Virtues:

Steadfastness embodies our ability to remain steady and committed to our goals, regardless of the storms that may arise. Balance holds us to our virtues and values.

      • Flexibility: Flexibility balances an overdeveloped sense of steadfastness by allowing us to adapt and pivot when necessary, fostering innovation and growth.
      • Resilience: Resilience counteracts an underdeveloped sense of steadfastness by bolstering our ability to persevere through adversity, helping us stay committed to our goals despite setbacks.
      • Discernment: Discernment guides us in discerning when to hold firm and pivot, ensuring our steadfastness is aligned with our highest purpose and values.

By anchoring ourselves in steadfast determination while remaining open to the winds of change, we harness the power to sail towards our true north with unwavering purpose and clarity.